Andre Andhara

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Judul Album : Ganti Rugi Cintaku
nama Band   : Andhara

1. Ganti Rugi Cinta ku (Bobby Andhara)
2. Hantu               (Bobby Andhara/Visa Maulina, Erwien Roedihardjono in human voice solo)
3. Farewell            (Wicky Adrian, Danovan Yazir)
4. Detik               (Bobby Andhara, arr. Erwien Roedihardjono & Danovan Yazir)
5. Melangkah           (Danovan Yazir)
6. You Make My Day     (Danovan Yazir/Visa Maulina, arr. Erwien Roedihardjono)
7. Cinta Sekali        (Danovan Yazir/Visa Maulina)

Andhara is
– Erwien Roedihardjono (Piano / keyboard)
– Danovan Yazir (Bass / Guitar on Farewell)
– Bobby Andhara (Guitar)

Featuring vocalists:
– Ayodya Ayu
– Visa Maulina
– Wicky Adrian
– Lucky Bayu Purnomo

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